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Posted by: Editor on 3/7/2012
We produced quite a few male and female pastel calicos and super pastel calicos in 2011. In some cases it's clear which is which, but in others it's not quite as clear. Click on this post for a picture of one we can't quite nail down. If anyone has any thoughts please email us. We're leaning towards it being a super pastel calico, but its not a slam dunk. We're keeping him so we'll find out soon enough!
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Posted by: Editor on 3/6/2012
The Burmese Python has come under a tremendous amount of scrutiny of late, primarily for controversy surrounding a self-sustaining population of the non-native snake species in the Florida Everglades. Fears of giant snakes taking over the country and the associated hysteria make for good media headlines and ample fodder for headline hungry politicians, and have even led to legislation seeking to ban the ownership of large constrictors. Given the beating the poor Burmese Python has taken in the press and in Washington, we thought we’d quickly flag an interesting piece of research related to the Burmese Python than may have positive consequences for human health! Read on if interested.
Posted by: Editor on 3/6/2012
We recently posted a brief discussion of mimicry in which we mentioned the coral snake and it’s milk snake mimics. We wanted to post a brief follow-up with some photos we pulled off the web, as well as some quick additional observations about milk snakes.
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