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Posted by: Editor on 12/12/2010
Someone recently asked us what it means to be “cold-blooded.” For most reptile keepers, the definition is pretty simple; anything that can’t maintain its own body temperature and must rely on the external environment for heat. It’s why we all keep our snakes on heat tape and use thermostats to control temperature to ensure an optimal environment. As simple as that sounds, we thought we would perhaps take it one or two levels deeper to really get at the differences between the “warm-blooded” and “cold-blooded” creatures that inhabit our planet. Read on if interested.
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Posted by: Editor on 12/10/2010
We’ve been getting a lot of questions about purchasing offspring online through our website. It seems there is a little confusion about navigating the available section of our website, a consequence we suspect of our being slow to fully complete the site development (we promise to make progress on this in 2011!). We thought we’d spend a second running through the nuts and bolts of the available section and the online purchasing process to the extent anyone is interested.
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