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Posted by: Editor on 4/28/2011
Yesterday we were struck by the following headline: “The World’s Last Typewriter Factory Closes in India.” This headline immediately made us think of two things – 1) obsolescence and 2) ball pythons! Obsolescence is what happens when something, perhaps a product or a service, is no longer needed, wanted, or usable. In today’s world, people probably most closely identify obsolescence with technology and technological innovation. We think that, in many respects, the same principles apply to ball pythons. Read on if interested in our thoughts.
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Posted by: Editor on 4/26/2011
In 1999 we were in the midst of a road trip, traveling between Washington, D.C. and Mustoe, Virginia. On the way we took a detour to College Park, Maryland to watch a lacrosse game. Before the game we stopped at a random Borders (now, sadly, out of business) and picked up a paperback copy of “Pythons of the World: Volume I” by David and Tracy Barker for $35 dollars. We recently scanned for another copy, and were not surprised to see a single new copy on sale for $709.08. Hence the rationale for this warning…read on if interested!
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Posted by: Editor on 4/25/2011
We made the mistake the other day of advertising a number of 66% hets not as the 66% hets they are but rather 50% hets. This is a mistake we make in our minds all the time, so we thought we’d throw up a quick blog post to illustrate why we always call 66% hets 50% hets, and in doing so hopefully prevent us from making the same embarrassing mistake in the future! This will be too simple for most people, but perhaps helpful to some. Check it out if interested.
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Posted by: Editor on 4/24/2011
We’re not exactly sure why, but for some reason we woke up the other day and decided to start buying pinstripe ball pythons. For the most part we’re concentrating on buying female pinstripes, which is perhaps somewhat counterintuitive, and we’re not too particular about whether they are single or multi-gene animals, we’re just really trying to collect a cool group of pins. We’re posting a few photos of some recent additions here. If anyone has any interesting female pins they want to sell, feel free to contact us at or 917-446-2663!
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Posted by: Editor on 4/21/2011
Someone recently forwarded to us a wonderful article by Wendy Brenner from the literary magazine Oxford American titled “Love and Death in the Cape Fear Serpentarium,” an exploration of the colorful life of Dean Ripa, the owner of Cape Fear Serpentarium in Wilmington, North Carolina. In addition to being an excellent piece of writing, Brenner’s profile of Mr. Ripa reminded us of many of the things we love about the reptile hobby – the variety of characters involved, their diversity in background and experience, and the mystery of the animals themselves.
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