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Purchasing Online at HVH

Posted by: Editor on 12/10/2010

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about purchasing offspring online through our website.  It seems there is a little confusion about navigating the available section of our website, a consequence we suspect of our being slow to fully complete the site development (we promise to make progress on this in 2011!).  We thought we’d spend a second running through the nuts and bolts of the available section and the online purchasing process to the extent anyone is interested.

The vast majority of our customers purchase from us offline.  Many people prefer to use payment channels they are more familiar with, usually PayPal, while others choose to send checks or money orders.  In addition, we only post a small portion of what we have available online so by default much of what we sell is offline to customers who know what we have in our collection, know what we’re producing in any given year, and have very specific ideas of what they want.  That being said, we do like to give people the ability to purchase certain offspring online.

Our available page has a complete and up to date listing of everything we have available online.  When you land on the available page you will see a display of six animals randomly generated from the online inventory.  This display changes each time you visit the main available page.  To dig deeper, there is a secondary navigation table located on the right side of the page which allows you to browse the inventory by category.   Currently we have only one main category, “Pythons of Africa,” which you can select by clicking on the category name.  Within that category select “Ball Pythons” and you will see a complete list of morphs available online. 

Click on any of the animals listed to get to a more detailed individual description page where you will be able to see additional information about the animal in question, including sex, weight, hatch date, and a brief description.  Also on this page is a button called “Add to Cart.”  Clicking this button will add the animal in question to your shopping cart.  From there checking out is much like the checkout process for any online shopping experience.   Following checkout, we will be in touch (in almost all cases within 24 hours) to schedule shipping, and in the meantime you can reach us by phone at 917-446-2663 (also listed on our contact page).  And contrary to the worries of some, we will NOT ship a snake without first speaking with the purchaser to arrange shipping. 

In any event, there it is – the online purchasing process in a nutshell.  We still have some kinks to work out, but the actual purchasing process itself is up and running, and safe and secure.    One of our New Year’s resolutions will certainly be to get this website fully fleshed out sooner rather than later so please check back in. 


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