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Coral Glow

Posted by: Editor on 4/21/2012
Here are a few pictures of our Pastel Coral Glow male.  We felt like posting a few photos of him but found him to be deep in shed.  Nevertheless, we decided to snap a few shots with the iPhone and even in shed he is bright and vibrant, reinforcing in our minds why the Coral Glow / Banana complex is such a vibrant gene.

We like the Coral Glow on it's own, particularly the black speckling.  That being said, the Coral Glow / Banana combinations are some of the best out there.  We have a pretty large collection of Clowns that we are trying to do quite a bit with, but we also like the Coral Glow / Banana with anything that has a lot of pattern variation.  

Here's one final photo of him.  Once he sheds we'll another post with some more photos, and sit him next to a Banana for comparison purposes.

As more and more people start working wth these genes, we should start to see some pretty cool combinations and far more reasonable prices in the future.  Thanks for looking,


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