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Pastel calico or super pastel calico?

Posted by: Editor on 3/7/2012
Super pastel calico?
We produced quite a few male and female pastel calicos and super pastel calicos in 2011.  In some cases it's clear which is which, but in others it's not quite as clear.  The male pictured at right is a 2011, about 250 grams, and this is a pretty recent photo.  We're not quite sure what this fellow is, pastel calico or super pastel calico?  Given the washed out head pattern, we're leaning towards super pastel calico.  That being said, many super pastel calicos we've seen have the calico influence playing much more havoc with the sadling on the side.

If anyone has any thoughts please email us.  We're leaning towards it being a super pastel calico, but its not a slam dunk.  We're keeping him, so we'll find out soon enough!


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