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Pinstripe potential

Posted by: Editor on 4/24/2011

We’re not exactly sure why, but for some reason we woke up the other day and decided to start buying pinstripe ball pythons.  For the most part we’re concentrating on buying female pinstripes, which is perhaps somewhat counterintuitive, and we’re not too particular about whether they are single or multi-gene animals, we’re just really trying to collect a cool group of pins.  We’re posting a few photos of some recent additions here.  If anyone has any interesting female pins they want to sell, feel free to contact us at or 917-446-2663!

A pile of pins!

 The pinstripe is great because it is both a color and pattern mutation, and recently we’ve started to see some combinations that really show the gene in a positive light.  Pins have been around for quite some time.  Brian Barczyk at BHB Reptiles imported the original pinstripe into the U.S. in the early 2000s and proved it genetic soon after.  The pinstripe was one of the original big dollar animals from that “crazy” period, with some of the early offspring easily commanding $25,000 per hatchling.  Because the pinstripe is dominant, combined with the fact that there was an “all hands on deck” rush to monetize the project, they were quickly produced in large numbers and prices rapidly deflated from $25,000 to just a couple of hundred dollars, breeding frustration among many pin enthusiasts at the time. 

image Since that period it feels like pins have been somewhat underappreciated but it seems like that’s starting to change somewhat.  Even some very simple combinations like pinstripe x Mojave (a.k.a. “the Jigsaw”) are really rather stunning, especially when combined with the ghost gene.  We’re sure there are a lot of people out there who wish they weren’t so quick to sell off their female mojaves at cheap prices given what that gene can do in certain combinations, but we’ll leave that for another post.  In any event, pinstripes are becoming yet another corner of the ball python breeding industry we’re starting to have a lot of fun with.

We've got a few other interesting pins either in shed or on the way into the collection, so as soon as we get them in we may put up a pinstripe slideshow in the gallery section of our website.  So many genes, so many cool combinations, so little time!


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