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Website...when will we be done?

Posted by: Editor on 2/7/2011

We've gotten a few questions about the website and when we'll start getting more content up and running.  Yes, we are definitely aware that many of the links do not lead anywhere - shame on us!  What you see on the bulk of the site currently is more of an outline than an actual website.  Perhaps it makes sense to briefly address what we're trying to accomplish and how long we think it's going to take.

For starters, what is this website?  Well, in some respects it's a tool to help us sell, or at least showcase, some of the inventory we have available for sale.  That functionality is currently up and running - you can find a post about the shopping cart here.  Originally the plan was to roll out the content of the site much faster than we clearly have.  Unfortunately real life has a tendency to get in the way.  While our reptile collection is a true passion for us, and we spare no expense in making sure our animals get the best care possible, it is not our "career" and so certain things we would like to accomplish sometimes have to take a back seat.

That being said, Hudson Valley Herpetological is more than just a small animal husbandry business - it's the beginnings of something we've been dreaming about for a very long time.   For whatever reason, maybe early childhood visits to Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland in Allenwood, PA or the endless hours spent in the fields and woods of upstate New York and the mountains of Virginia hunting and observing a variety of snake species, we’ve always had a passion for snakes.  In fact, to this day we still think of countries by the snake species within their borders before any economic, cultural, or historical references come to mind.   It is this passion for snakes that we hope to ultimately showcase in this website.

First, we hope this website can be a platform for displaying the animals in our collection (which, by the way, goes way beyond ball pythons).  Our goal is to provide in-depth, species specific information that not only delivers husbandry and natural history content but also places the animals in the context of the parts of the world from which they originate.    With that in mind, the Collection area of our website will not only provide specifics related to each species, but will also include detailed resources about the countries, cultures, and people that these amazing creatures share space with.  The Boelen’s Python, for example, comes from one of the most culturally interesting countries in the world – New Guinea, the second largest island on earth.  Expect to see content start going up on the collection section of the site before the end of 2011.

Another resource we intend to add in 2011 is a breeding record to provide a little more context around the projects we are working on and the types of offspring we expect to produce each year.  We do a lot with ball pythons – who wouldn’t, they’re so much fun – and we have a number of cool animals we’re working into various projects, but we also work with other species.   This tool should also be up and running before the end of 2011.

We’ll also definitely make progress on the Resources section of the website.  Already we have much of the content written for the Snakes, Evolution, Genetics, and Business Issues parts of the Resources section – all that’s left is the coding and formatting, which we also hope to make some progress on in 2011, if not fully complete.  We still have some work to do to set up the structure of some of our Research tools – book reviews, book store, etc.  Yes, we know – a little ambitious.  But heck, why not aim high.

In addition, we have a huge backlog of blog posts we’d like to get to – all in good time.  We have not really started marketing the site yet, so we’re not really sure who is finding their way here, but we do promise to post blog updates as content gets up, so people can use the blog as a resource for knowing when content comes online.  We have a lot of cool stuff planned and only time stands in the way, so stay tuned.  We will make progress in 2011.


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