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Posted by: Editor on 3/6/2012
We recently posted a brief discussion of mimicry in which we mentioned the coral snake and it’s milk snake mimics. We wanted to post a brief follow-up with some photos we pulled off the web, as well as some quick additional observations about milk snakes.
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Posted by: Editor on 4/21/2011
Someone recently forwarded to us a wonderful article by Wendy Brenner from the literary magazine Oxford American titled “Love and Death in the Cape Fear Serpentarium,” an exploration of the colorful life of Dean Ripa, the owner of Cape Fear Serpentarium in Wilmington, North Carolina. In addition to being an excellent piece of writing, Brenner’s profile of Mr. Ripa reminded us of many of the things we love about the reptile hobby – the variety of characters involved, their diversity in background and experience, and the mystery of the animals themselves.
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