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Posted by: Editor on 3/6/2012
The Burmese Python has come under a tremendous amount of scrutiny of late, primarily for controversy surrounding a self-sustaining population of the non-native snake species in the Florida Everglades. Fears of giant snakes taking over the country and the associated hysteria make for good media headlines and ample fodder for headline hungry politicians, and have even led to legislation seeking to ban the ownership of large constrictors. Given the beating the poor Burmese Python has taken in the press and in Washington, we thought we’d quickly flag an interesting piece of research related to the Burmese Python than may have positive consequences for human health! Read on if interested.
Posted by: Editor on 6/2/2011
We are fortunate to have in our possession the Summer/Fall 2003 issue of Wild Earth: The Journal of the Wildlands Project. This issue, “Facing the Serpent, “is devoted to the subject of snakes, and includes essays by E. O. Wilson, Eileen Crist, Harry Greene, Reed Noss, Charles Bowden, and others. This wonderful journal unfortunately ceased publication after a 10-year run. An anthology of articles from the journal was subsequently published, but none of the essays on the “serpent” were included. We particularly want to talk about E. O. Wilson’s essay “The Serpent,” which can be found in a slightly different form in his book Biophilia.
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