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Posted by: Editor on 5/18/2011
This is the second part to our previous post on incubators. The topic, however, is one that for us has lessons that extend well beyond the world of reptiles. Last year we stumbled upon a man running a small business building hollow-core PVC caging and cabinet incubators, similar to those constructed by Habitat Systems. His advertised prices were half those of Habitat Systems, so we decided to give him a shot and buy one large cabinet incubator, with potentially more orders behind if he could deliver on the product. This is a cautionary tale of what happens when a price is too good to be true.
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Posted by: Editor on 4/28/2011
Yesterday we were struck by the following headline: “The World’s Last Typewriter Factory Closes in India.” This headline immediately made us think of two things – 1) obsolescence and 2) ball pythons! Obsolescence is what happens when something, perhaps a product or a service, is no longer needed, wanted, or usable. In today’s world, people probably most closely identify obsolescence with technology and technological innovation. We think that, in many respects, the same principles apply to ball pythons. Read on if interested in our thoughts.
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Posted by: Editor on 4/17/2011
Someone asked us over the weekend if the ball python breeding “cottage” industry was just another example of a pyramid scheme. We took his question into consideration and responded with a prompt reply – yes, absolutely, but probably not in the way that you think! The fact is that all animal breeding industries have a pyramidal structure, though that doesn’t mean they are actual “pyramid schemes.” If you’re interested in exploring the issue in greater detail, then please read on.
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Posted by: Editor on 4/14/2011
We’ve been spending a lot of time of late perusing the classified ads. We’re in the process of another round of investment in our collection, and so we’re keeping a close eye on the classifieds for potential new additions. Today we saw a classified headline that stuck out, and it triggered the desire on our part to write a little about why we find classified advertising on Kingsnake to be so much fun. Read on if interested.
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Posted by: Editor on 2/7/2011
We've gotten a few questions about the website and when we'll start getting more content up and running. Yes, we are definitely aware that many of the links do not lead anywhere - shame on us! What you see on the bulk of the site currently is more of an outline than an actual website. Perhaps it makes sense to briefly address what we're trying to accomplish and how long we think it's going to take.
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