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Posted by: Editor on 4/21/2012
Here are a few pictures of our Pastel Coral Glow male. We felt like posting a few photos of him but found him to be deep in shed. Nevertheless, we decided to snap a few shots with the iPhone and even in shed he is bright and vibrant, reinforcing in our minds why the Coral Glow / Banana complex is such a vibrant gene.
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Posted by: Editor on 4/19/2012
We hatched out a Lesser Platinum ball python in 2011 that was born with no eyes. Someone recently asked to see a photo, so we figured we would make it a quick blog post. Read on if interested in seeing the photo.
Posted by: Editor on 3/7/2012
We produced quite a few male and female pastel calicos and super pastel calicos in 2011. In some cases it's clear which is which, but in others it's not quite as clear. Click on this post for a picture of one we can't quite nail down. If anyone has any thoughts please email us. We're leaning towards it being a super pastel calico, but its not a slam dunk. We're keeping him so we'll find out soon enough!
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Posted by: Editor on 4/24/2011
We’re not exactly sure why, but for some reason we woke up the other day and decided to start buying pinstripe ball pythons. For the most part we’re concentrating on buying female pinstripes, which is perhaps somewhat counterintuitive, and we’re not too particular about whether they are single or multi-gene animals, we’re just really trying to collect a cool group of pins. We’re posting a few photos of some recent additions here. If anyone has any interesting female pins they want to sell, feel free to contact us at or 917-446-2663!
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Posted by: Editor on 4/12/2011
We thought we’d give a brief update of our toffee project with some updated photos. We obtained a few 100% het toffee females from Craig Stewart at The Urban Python back in 2008, as well as a 100% het male. All proved to be great feeders and model hardy ball pythons, and in 2010 we were lucky enough to hatch out several visible toffee balls from our het females. The results so far have not disappointed.
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